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Media Company in a Box is the COMPLETE package Joshua offers. It is quite frankly one of the most important services you can buy, especially if you are in business for yourself or desire to be a 1 person Media Mogul.

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Are you wanting Joshua to interview or have you as a guest on his broadcast? Book here. **All interviews are slotted for 2.5 hours however most broadcasts will last 45 min.** *Joshua's Video version of the broadcast is behind a paywall however you will be given a promo code to share with your audience to gain FREE access. However please note that the purpose of every paid subscription is to raise money for the Live Mana Worldwide Foundation and its Youth Media Literacy program. The podcast version of Joshua's is no charge.

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Product Creation Consultation

Schedule your FREE consultation with Joshua about creating your own line of products. We can assist you with custom formulation, white label, branding, and distribution

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Commercials, Intro, Outro, Highlight, Film, Pilots, Reels & more! Book your FREE consult today to discover how we can bring your vision to life!

Broadcasting Consultation

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Book with Jessica and Joshua to learn how they can take your event to the next level, regardless of your budget.

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Planet Zoom Podcast: Unearthing Cinematic Treasures with World Changers

Welcome to Planet Zoom, the podcast where we unearth cinematic treasures with world changers! In every episode, hosts Joshua T Berglan and/or Henning Morales engage in thought-provoking conversations with influential guests about a Dirt Merchants film of their choosing. Each discussion centers around the key takeaways and insights gleaned from the film, providing listeners with a fresh perspective on the captivating world of Dirt Merchants Films. Our guests come from diverse backgrounds, and their projects span various industries, making Planet Zoom a treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration. Whether it's highlighting a guest's upcoming book, showcasing a groundbreaking product, or discussing a thought-provoking documentary, the objective of the podcast is to celebrate the incredible work being done by both our guests and Dirt Merchants Films. Featuring both in-studio and remote Zoom interviews, Planet Zoom offers an accessible and engaging format that allows for genuine connection and meaningful conversations. Each episode is exclusively available on dirtmerchantsfilms.com, and promoted globally to reach an extensive audience of film enthusiasts, changemakers, and fans of Dirt Merchants Films. Tune in to Planet Zoom and join us on this journey as we explore the world of filmmaking and celebrate the extraordinary work of world changers, one film at a time.