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Be a guest on Joshua "The World's Mayor"

On Joshua “The World’s Mayor”, former talk shows Gratitude:UnFiltered, I AM Joshua, Spoken Word, Live Life Free, Society of Kingdom Minds and A Conversation with Joshua T Berglan get morphed into one complete eccentric, inspiring, shocking, informative, witty and mind/heart expanding broadcast.

Part Shock-Jock, part Evangelist, Joshua “The World’s Mayor” is not your normal ministry nor will the messages heard by him or his guest be like anything you have heard in the church, the streets, TV, podcast, radio or anywhere else for that matter.

Joshua, an overcomer of a 20 year Chemsex addiction and Dissociative Identity Disorder led a life made for the movies. His real-life experiences of sexual and physical abuse, jails, homelessness, multiple divorces, HIV, sexual identity disorder, demon possession, and multiple overdoses should have led to his death, however he was supernaturally changed while being locked up in LA County Jail facing 5 years in prison.

Joshua T Berglan, aka “The World’s Mayor” is a voice for the voiceless and is driven to elevate the passion, purpose, and mission of those he serves. Joshua is the Chairman of the Live Mana Worldwide Foundation & Live Mana Network, a Media Disruptor, a Shock-Jock Evangelist, a #1 International Best Selling Author, and an Executive Producer. Together with his wife Jessica Linn and their two children, they are passionate in supporting others in making their dreams come true.

Duration: 1 hour

Talk with Joshua & Jessica

If you are looking to learn more about the Live Mana Worldwide Foundation or the Live Mana Network, please select this option.

Duration: 30 minutes

Live Mana Network's "Night At The Movies" discovery call

Do you have a film that you want seen globally? Are you looking to monetize and create a community around it? Book time with Joshua and Jessica about how we can work together to get your film seen all over the world!

Duration: 30 minutes


Gratitude:UnFiltered and Grace:UnFiltered are part of our Church:ReDefined channel on the Live Mana Network. This is where we give the pulpit back to the people to share their heart for God, and the message they feel led to give. Interested in being a guest host? Book here.

Duration: 1 hour

Night At The Movies

The Live Mana NEtwork’s Night at the Movies is an opportunity for you to not just broadcast your film globally, but also engage and interact with the audience. Part film festival, part Mystery Science Theatre, part Rocky Horror Picture Show, this is a new way to experience film! We are excited to work with you!

Duration: 3 hours

One on One Media & Broadcast training

*Important Notice - Please DO NOT select this option unless you have done the New Media & Broadcast training provided at -

This is a specialty training for ALL who have completed the 2 trainings that are provided by the Live Mana Worldwide Foundation.

This training is customized to YOUR needs and goals, so please, once booked have that prepared so that the time we spend together is efficient and productive.

There is no cost for this training however donations made on our website, are appreciated.

Thank you and God bless,

Joshua and Jessica

Duration: 1 hour

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