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A Conversation with Joshua T Berglan is broadcast on the Live Mana Worldwide Multimedia Broadcast Network, found by downloading our app on ROKU, Amazon Fire, by downloading the e360tv app on your Smart TV’s or your favorite podcast networks.

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Duration: 1 hour

Talk with Joshua & Jessica

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Duration: 30 minutes

Live Mana Network's "Night At The Movies" discovery call

Do you have a film that you want seen globally? Are you looking to monetize and create a community around it? Book time with Joshua and Jessica about how we can work together to get your film seen all over the world!

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Book Joshua to Speak

Joshua’s testimony is told through the book and film, The Devil Inside Me.

The book, a #1 International Best Seller in 4 countries, and the film that has now won over 11 film festivals is currently being shopped to turn into a full feature movie.

Joshua and his wife were able to accomplish this with nealry any money, but it was the Lord’s Vision that showed them what to do.

While these film is extreme and graphic in nature, Joshua felt the only way he could tell the truth was by showing what his life had became it needed to fully express the evil that took place.

There is a Supernatural Power in Truth, and when it is said that the Truth will set you free, there is more to it than meets the eye.

Truth not only will set you free, it sets the people closest to us free as well.

Book a call to discuss Joshua speaking at your event, get together, prison, church, school, bar, or street corner.

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Media Strategy Call

This appointment type is ideal for people who have their own teams to implement what is taught in this 1 hour, intensive strategy call.

In this hour we will discuss your current assets, your vision and how utilizing current technologies and our propriety formula can help you create multiple new revenue streams.

By the end of this call, you should expect to have the right strategy to future proof your business ahead of the changes coming with the 4IR.

This video call will be recorded for your convenience as it will be fast-paced, informative and not one minute wasted on fluff.

Thsi call is alos ideal for entrprenuers who want to know the strategy but also intend to learn how to do what is taught on thier own, or who to hire if not Live Mana Worldwide.

If you prefer more intensive training, and teaching and you need someone to be more hands-on, please choose our yearly consulting option.

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Media Consulting

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To all interested hosts,

First and foremost, thank you for your interest in Jessica and I’s mission to ReDefine Church.

Some of you reading this may not be a believer and that does not necessarily unqualify you for this opportunity, and when I say “opportunity”, no we are not selling anything or trying to enroll you into a timeshare, cult or even a church.

What we are doing is tearing down the walls of traditional churches and making room for those who want to share their story, what God has done in their lives and to also have a platform to speak from their heart without limits.

While I said not being a Believer does not disqualify you, a relationship with God is. Without this, what we believe to be the foundation of Faith, we would not have this vision.

I will let you in on a secret however, speaking about what God in this way, in a raw and UnFiltered way will open your heart and mind to so much more and if we had a hidden agenda that would be it.

We do not care where you are in your walk, your faith or even how strong your belief is because we know that there is someone watching that is EXACTLY where you are.

What matters to us is that God has rescued you and you are now walking the Faith walk.

We do not care about your knowledge of scripture but we do care about your heart to impact others with what God has done in your life and you are willing to be bold, UnFiltered and raw about how you express this to the world.

If you are not ready to “go there” then please do not commit to this opportunity.

People have become numb to words like “abuse” “addiction” “cheating” “narcassist” “rape” and even more awful situations.

We believe that we have to make people “feel the hurt and pain” of your story, what’s on your heart, so that they can truly feel the impact that God has had on your life.

The deeper you are able to get in your heart, the more healing power you will give to those who need it, and in turn you will find that you find a different level of freedom.

This is NOT easy to do however in my experience it is one of the most powerful things you can do for others, including yourself.

Gratitude:UnFiltered used to be my show and while I am not longer hosting it, we have saved because we felt that one day someone else will need it like I used too.

Grace:UnFiltered was imagined 2 years ago, however WE tried to PLACE a host there, when God had other plans for it.

The Opportunity

Both Gratitude:UnFiltered and Grace:UnFiltered will be a show, produced and marketed by the Live Mana Worldwide Foundation and will be broadcast on Apple TV, ROKU and Amazon Fire through our partnership with e360tv. It will also be broadcast on social media, all podcast networks and online radio. Each broadcast is transcribed and then published to news and blog sites, including IMDB, where YOU will get a host credit.

This is 1 example of how we publish each episode

This features the above mentioned and you will also get all of the coding for you to publish to your own website if you choose.

Jessica and I are creating all of the marketing, intro videos, commercials and so on for these broadcasts so you do not need to worry about that, and you will have access to one of the technologies we use for the broadcast. There are things we do on the backend that you WILL NOT have access too, however we are happy to teach you about all of those options so that if you ever decide to create your own show, or have us make one for you, you will know how to use it.

To be clear, Gratitude:UnFiltered and Grace:UnFiltered will not be hosted by just 1 person; however you will be able to step into the host role as often as you have a message to deliver.

This is part of our Foundations “Voices 4 the Voiceless” program.

We want to teach you to FIsh.

Believe it or not, this is also the introductory steps into teaching you how to morph into a media organization… baby steps, but I can promise you that this will begin to open your mind to all of the endless possibilities that media brings.

Teaching Media to the masses is the core (other than our Faith) of our mission because if you know Media, you can do anything, regardless of budget.

We know this from experience because we have lived this and all of our dreams are coming true because of this and it is our mission and more importantly, our purpose to help you do the same.

So, if you are interested in moving forward, please schedule here!

There is no hidden agenda other than what I have already stated and there is no cost for this. We love donations and will not refuse them, BUT please know our this is part of our mission and our goal to tear down the walls of the church.

This is Ministry:ReDefined.

Duration: 1 hour

Night At The Movies

The Live Mana NEtwork’s Night at the Movies is an opportunity for you to not just broadcast your film globally, but also engage and interact with the audience. Part film festival, part Mystery Science Theatre, part Rocky Horror Picture Show, this is a new way to experience film! We are excited to work with you!

Duration: 3 hours

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